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  • 10 Ways to Attract New Patients and Keep the Ones You Have

    10 Ways to Attract New Patients and Keep the Ones You Have

    Let's face it. Without patients, you don't have a practice. Somehow you have to attract new patients and keep the ones you have without sacrificing patient care, medical billing, and a million other priorities!

    You need an effective medical practice marketing strategy! Download this white paper now to discover 10 proven techniques, including how to:

    1. Boost physician's online reviews
    2. Improve physician's online reputation
    3. Offer more patient communication options
    4. Provide better patient education
    5. Engage patients through social media

  • Krieger Eye Institute Increases Productivity with the iPad-based EHR System, EMA

    Krieger Eye Institute Increases Productivity with the iPad-based EHR System, EMA

    When Dr. Don Abrams became the Chairman of Ophthalmology at the LifeBridge Health Krieger Eye Institute at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Md., he knew he wanted to implement an EMR system. He began looking at numerous systems that would support their various clinic locations, residency and fellowship programs and their multiple specialties only to be left with a disappointing solution.

    Dr. Abrams explains, “We started using an EMR system in 2008 that we quickly found to be very cumbersome and outdated. The input of data was time consuming and the output was indecipherable. After a short six weeks of using the system, our productivity had plummeted so significantly that we couldn’t afford to continue using it. At that point we transitioned back to paper and I continued my search for the right EMR system.”

    To keep reading, download the full case study below.



    Understanding the Value of Your Current Patients to Your Future Success

    Without a solid plan for retaining current patients, growth will not be possible or will be minimized at best. This white paper discusses how patient retention is a multidimensional issue that requires a multidimensional approach.

    A few of the topics in this white paper include:

    · How to communicate with patients
    · What is an acceptable rate of attrition
    · Using social media to retain patients

    Download this white paper to learn more about best practices to retain patients.

  • The Complete Software Handbook for Eye Care Practices

    The Complete Software Handbook for Eye Care Practices

    Learn how to select, switch & adopt software solutions to thrive in the value based era

    Eye Care Leaders knows that selecting the right technology is critical for making your lives easier. We've compiled best practices and strategies from leading experts in the eye care industry to ensure you get the most out of your software solutions. This guide will help you select the best EHR, PM and optical software for your practice to increase revenue and productivity.

  • Discover the secret sauce of patient satisfaction

    Discover the secret sauce of patient satisfaction

    Don't leave your patients adrift on the patient island

    Healthcare practices are scrambling to juggle the ever-increasing number of regulations, demands, and expectations placed upon their shoulders. As a result, an unfortunate side effect has emerged—many patients report feeling rushed, ignored, or “like they are adrift on a patient island.” But there is a simple solution: compassion. Compassion based care has been found to have an astounding effect on both patients and practices.

    How can you bring compassion back to the forefront of your practice?

  • Lutein's Role in Children's Health

    Lutein's Role in Children's Health

    Lutein has strong support for its role in ocular health and has recently been recognized for its cognition role during early life and childhood. This white paper looks at the evidence for lutein’s function in brain tissue, where it is the predominant carotenoid in both infants and adults. FloraGLO® Lutein is the only lutein brand approved for use in infant nutrition and the most clinically studied lutein brand in the world.

  • Research at Moorfields Eye Hospital Confirms the Visual Benefits of MacuHealth

    Research at Moorfields Eye Hospital Confirms the Visual Benefits of MacuHealth

    Response to supplementation with MacuHealth™ (a formulation consisting of meso-zeaxanthin [10 mg], lutein [10 mg] and zeaxanthin [2 mg]) was conducted by Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.[1] The cohort of 49 subjects included those with non-advanced (n = 12) and advanced (n = 8) age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy with (n = 10) and without (n = 10) macular edema, central serous chorioretinopathy (n = 5) and no retinal disease (n = 4). By 6 months, statistically significant improvements in glare sensitivity (at low and medium spatial frequencies) were demonstrable, and reflected parallel statistically significant increases in macular pigment, prompting the investigators to conclude that supplementation with MacuHealth™ enhances visual performance and experience in healthy eyes and in eyes with a range of retinal diseases. These favorable observations by Moorfields Eye Hospital regarding the visual benefits of MacuHealth™ in diseased and in non-diseased eyes serve to replicate the findings of other investigators across the world.[2-4]

  • FloraGlo® by Kemin: The Pioneers of Lutein Science and Discovery

    FloraGlo® by Kemin: The Pioneers of Lutein Science and Discovery

    FloraGLO® Lutein sets the gold standard for the lutein market. Rooted in science, with an unparalleled reputation for efficacy, trust and safety, the FloraGLO® name is synonymous with excellence. “The Pioneers of Lutein Science and Discovery” offers the following:

    • How researchers discovered the photoprotective properties of lutein and zeaxanthin;
    • Why most adults aren’t getting enough in their diets; and
    • How Kemin created a lutein supplement proven to increase macular pigment optical density (MPOD) in clinical trials.
    Discover the scientific pedigree of FloraGLO® Lutein by Kemin.

  • Sustained supplementation and monitored response

    Sustained supplementation and monitored response

    Non-advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD) does not profoundly affect vision, but is associated with gradual but relentless visual decline and, in many cases, progression to advanced and blinding AMD (atrophic and/or neovascular). Supplementation with antioxidants that include the macular carotenoids has been shown benefit patients with non-advanced AMD.[1] A recent randomized, clinical trial has shown that a formulation containing all three macular carotenoids (in L:MZ:Z [mg] ratio of 10:10:2; MacuHealth with LMZ3 and MacuHealthPlus+ ) outperforms a MZ-deficient formulation in patients with non-advanced AMD, both in terms of visual improvements and in terms of observed increases in macular pigment.[2]

  • Medical Food and Macular Carotenoids

    Medical Food and Macular Carotenoids

    Medical foods are an emerging category of product, formulated to address nutritional deficiencies relating to specific diseases or conditions.  This whitepaper provides an insight into:
    ·         The importance of targeted nutrition for eye health
    ·         The medical food category: Guidelines, market size, regulations
    ·         Macular pigment: Risk factor, biomarker, vision performance
    ·         Lumega-Z: the first and only medical food developed to restore and maintain the macular pigment
    Download the whitepaper to learn about this differentiated offering, and discover how to maximize the efficacy of your intervention, ensure patient compliance and satisfaction.