On-demand webinar

The Impact of Epithelial Thickness Mapping in Refractive Surgery

This discussion will dissect how epithelial thickness mapping (ETM) can help the refractive surgeon to:

  • Assess candidates for refractive surgery procedures
  • Identify early keratoconus and rule out suspect keratoconus
  • Plan treatment of refractive surgery complications

Dan Reinstein, MD

Professor Dan Reinstein is a board-certified Ophthalmologist in the USA and Canada and holds professorships in New York and Paris. For more than a decade, he has dedicated himself solely to Laser Eye Surgery and has built an international reputation as a uniquely experienced and pioneering LASIK surgeon. Over the course of his career, Dan has delivered 870 lectures at professional meetings on five continents, been a moderator or panelist at over 99 scientific international meeting panels and published 146 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals. In journalism, he has also authored a textbook on SMILE, contributed or written 44 book chapters or published proceedings and 176 articles for the ophthalmic press.