On-Demand Webinar with Q&A

Modernized Glaucoma Management with PERG for Early Detection and SLT for Early Treatment

Including a discussion on Retinal Advancements

Diagnosing and managing glaucoma today requires both accuracy and efficiency. Indications of progression before the damage becomes permanent improves outcomes. Improved patient compliance assists the physician in attaining a good prognosis for his patient. Modern electrophysiology (or, practical objective function testing) can advance a doctor's diagnostic capabilities and improve the management of glaucoma at an earlier stage. SLT with its inherent benefits and repeatability has been moved to the forefront lowering IOP – the hallmark of glaucoma management. The use of both electrophysiology and SLT together helps improve outcomes, increases compliance, reduce costs to the patient and to healthcare as well.

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Thomas Mundorf, MD

Dr. Mundorf went to The Wake Forest University School of Medicine and then completed his Ophthalmology residency at the University-affiliated NC Baptist Hospital. He then went on to finish his fellowship in glaucoma at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, before returning to Charlotte to become the fifth glaucoma specialist in all of North Carolina. His solo practice specializes in glaucoma, a subject in which he has participated through more than 60 clinical trials. Dr. Mundorf has also travelled the world to give over 300 lectures on dry eye disease, ocular allergy and other topics. He remains active in clinical research in glaucoma and dry eye while continuing to provide his expertise in these areas to his patients. For Dr. Mundorf, the needs of the patient come first and he strives to be both efficient and understanding in the treatment of their conditions.