On-Demand Webinar with Q&A

OCT Angiography: Making a Difference in My Daily Clinical Practice

OCT Angiography (OCTA) is having a tremendous impact as a decision tool in the care of patients with age-related macular degeneration. Learn from the first-hand experience of Dr. Paul Tornambe, who is using OCTA to:

  • Understand the source of subretinal fluid: CNV vs. RPE dysfunction
  • Assess the timing of anti-VEGF treatments based on the presence of anti-VEGF responsive CNV rather than subretinal fluid
  • Assess treatment response to help determine optimal injection frequency and the response to individual anti-VEGF agents for each patient

Paul E. Tornambe, MD

Dr. Tornambe is the Director of the San Diego Retina Research Foundation, and donates his time to teach residents and fellows in both the department of Ophthalmology and department of Family Practice and Preventative Medicine at the University of California at San Diego. Dr. Tornambe also lectures worldwide on the topics of retinal detachment, macular degeneration, macular holes, vitrectomy surgery, and computerization of the medical office. He was a pioneer in the field of pneumatic retinopexy, and has published more articles on this subject than anyone in the world literature.