Integrating Femtosecond Technology in Your Practice

This webinar will discuss these key topics:

  • Experiences of high volume surgeons with femtosecond technology
  • Advantages of low energy femtosecond technology
  • How a compact multifunctional femtosecond laser can benefit your practice
  • What new innovations to expect in femtosecond technology

Paul J. Dougherty, MD
Dougherty Laser Vision

Dr. Dougherty began his work in laser vision correction with investigational studies prior to FDA approval and has since completed more than 30,000 procedures. He has four offices in the Southern California area.


Bret L. Fisher, MD
Eye Center of North Florida

Dr. Fisher specializes in refractive cataract surgery, including femtosecond laser assisted surgery and multifocal, toric, and accommodative intraocular lens implants. Dr. Fisher practices in the Northern Florida area and was the first surgeon in the state of Florida to perform femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery.


Jeff Machat, MD
NVision Eye Centers

Dr. Machat has been performing laser refractive surgery for 26 years and has performed about 70,000 procedures. He began using femtosecond lasers in 2003. He currently practices in Toronto, Canada and San Francisco, California.


Sheri Rowen, MD
NVision Eye Centers

Dr. Rowen was the founder of the Mercy Medical Center Dept of Ophthalmology in Baltimore, MD. She has been very involved in FDA studies for new procedures, most recently the approval of the ICL for correction of high myopia and is currently practicing in California.