The Power Forum III

During the 2017 American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in New Orleans, Marco recorded a live event: the Power Forum III. A panel of 5 Ophthalmologists addressed multiple diagnostic, surgical, and patient-based benefits derived from wavefront technology.

Q1: How does data from Angles Alpha & Kappa, Corneal SA, Coma, pupil size, and Corneal vs. Lenticular Astigmatism improve your premium IOL selections and outcomes?

Q2: What wavefront data do you use to select EDOF IOLs for patients?

Q3: What are the multi-function benefits of using an integrated Wavefront Aberrometer, registered on the patient's optical center?

Q4: How do you identify OSD in patients, and what measures are required before proceeding with surgery?

Q5: How do we characterize and localize Astigmatisms within the optical pathway?

Q6: How do you manage patient expectations and IOL selection?

Q7: How do we measure OPD ROI and monetize the advanced diagnostic test regimen?