BVI Surgical Techniques

BVI's I-Ring® Pupil Expander

Aaron Porter, MD discusses his experience with the I-Ring® including outcomes, techniques and surgical pearls.

Question #1:
What type of patient benefits from your use of the I-Ring®?

Question #2:
Tell us about a special case where the I-Ring® helped provide a solution?

Question #3:
How has the I-Ring® benefitted your practice?

Question #4:
What are some of the beneficial features of the I-Ring®?

Question #5:
Is there a specific technique you use that the I-Ring® helps facilitate where other dilating techniques are not as helpful?

Question #6:
Are there any other BVI products you use that help facilitate your surgical day?

Aaron Porter, MD
Dr. Aaron Porter graduated optometry school from The Ohio State University and medical school from the University of Cincinnati. He was the Chief Resident at Vanderbilt in the early 2000s, which is when he fell in love with Nashville. After 13 years in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Dr. Porter moved to the middle Tennessee area to our practice. He is a board certified ophthalmologist who treats glaucoma and specializes in laser cataract surgery and refractive surgery. Dr. Porter has published research on visual field testing in children. He and his wife have four children.