BVI Surgical Techniques

Custom Surgical Packs/Kits are increasing in popularity

Dr. Srinivasan details how the utilization of single-use instruments has benefitted his practice.

Question #1:
Tell us about the concept of single-use custom kitting. What types of kits do you use most frequently in your practice?

Question #2:
How has the use of kitting benefitted your practice?

Question #3:
What factors within the European market have lead to the adoption of single-use instruments?

Question #4:
How does the Malosa brand single use product perform versus reusable instruments?

Question #5:
What are some of the shortcomings of single use instruments?

Question #5:
How have the kits improved in-office surgical procedures?

Sathish Srinivasan, MD
Dr. Srinivasan is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Ayr and Crosshouse Hospital, Ayrshire and Arran NHS, Ayrshire, Scotland. He has expertise in the field of micro incision cataract surgery, complex cataract surgery, medical and surgical diseases of the cornea, ocular surface and anterior segment reconstruction and laser refractive surgery. He serves as the lead consultant for the corneal service at Ayr and Crosshouse hospital.