BVI Surgical Techniques

The benefits of combining ECP and MIGS

Dr. SooHoo describes his experience with ECP and endoscopy.

Question #1:
Tell me about a case where you benefitted from combining ECP and MIGS procedure. Why did you think it was the best solution for that type of patient?

Question #2:
Have you been able to reduce the number of advanced treatments (trabs, tubes) due to your utilization of ECP?

Question #3:
How has ECP affected your practice financially?

Question #4:
What are some cases that you have benefitted from the use of endoscopy?

Question #5:
In the treatment of pediatric patients with glaucoma, why do you find ECP to be an essential part of the strategy?

Question #6:
Why are so many surgeons excited about the multiple outflow solutions, but not addressing the inflow control side of managing glaucoma?

Question #7:
How important is it for the glaucoma specialist to have ECP at their surgical facility when treating this patient profile?

Jeffrey R. SooHoo, MD
Dr. Soohoo is an Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He specializes in the treatment of all forms of glaucoma and cataracts. He serves as Residency Program Director and is also a preceptor for the glaucoma fellowship. He is also a member of the admissions committee for the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. SooHoo is actively involved in numerous research trials and has presented research findings at national and international meetings. He has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications and book chapters regarding the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.