From the Editors

A New Era

Although not as turbulent as when Dylan first penned his famous song, times they are a changin’. Cathy McCabe and I take the helm of The Ophthalmic ASC at a time of much change and challenge. Complex economic decisions, ever expanding patient expectations, and rapid technology advancements all create a challenging environment for the ASC owner. There is certainly no shortage of areas to explore, and we are truly standing on the shoulders of giants as we move forward to the next phase of development. The dedication and contributions to the success of the magazine by Dr. Bill Fishkind cannot be overstated; his passion and insights are the blueprints we will use to continue to grow this publication.

As a physician in private practice who has built and helped manage an ASC for more than 10 years, I look to focus on information that can simplify the process of ownership, as well as innovative ways to improve management, reduce waste, and increase efficiency. I also hope to highlight the many advantages that being part of an ASC brings to the physician. Perhaps now more than ever physician ownership in the ASC is a key component to a successful career in ophthalmology. Although the rewards are many, the landscape can be a treacherous one for the physician-owner. Regulatory oversight, staffing issues, and rising costs can make ownership a challenging endeavor.

The Ophthalmic ASC magazine has been an invaluable resource for myself and my administrative team. We are so very fortunate to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Fishkind, who has poured his heart and soul into this publication and has spent his career tirelessly working to advance the quality and efficacy of the delivery of surgical eye care. He is an accomplished physician, surgeon, researcher, and, most of all, teacher. We are grateful for all your efforts, Bill, and look forward to moving forward with the same commitment to excellence and innovation.

At its core, ophthalmology is a surgical specialty. So much of what we do to significantly impact and improve our patients’ eye health takes place in the ASC. And ASCs are often a core component of the financial health of an ophthalmic business. Recent consolidation trends in ophthalmology have focused attention on the value of ophthalmic ASCs, while current and future changes in reimbursement and regulations continue to present challenges in predicting how best to serve our patients, surgeons, and stakeholders, while maintaining — and even increasing — that value. We believe that we are best equipped to face these challenges by working together, using all of our collective knowledge and expertise.

More than any other publication currently available to the practicing ophthalmologist, The Ophthalmic ASC has been indispensable in assisting in the successful operation of an ophthalmic surgery center. As we take the reins, we look forward to expanding that role even further.