From the Editor

Introducing Glaucoma Physician

New publication delivers clinical insights on the fast-evolving glaucoma space

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural issue of Glaucoma Physician, a new quarterly supplement to Ophthalmology Management. Designed to provide insight and strategies for the prevention and management of glaucoma, each issue will feature case studies, surgical techniques, research, and clinical insights that will showcase the latest thinking in glaucoma patient care.


The landscape of glaucoma patient care is evolving at one of the fastest paces ever in the modern era. New pharmacology, surgical invention, and other options are generating new approaches to treating and monitoring the glaucoma patient. Glaucoma Physician was born out of a need for better glaucoma education as a result of the veritable explosion of innovation and interest in the glaucoma space through the past several years. Glaucoma is in a Renaissance phase, brought about in good part by the minimally invasive glaucoma surgical (MIGS) revolution. As our technologies for patients with glaucoma evolve, so must our thinking.


This month, we dive right in with a look at the latest advancements and technologies in glaucoma that will benefit our patients. Beginning on page 10, Davinder S. Grover, MD, MPH, of Glaucoma Associates of Texas in Dallas shares how incorporating corneal hysteresis into his practice has helped improve his care of glaucoma patients. Beginning on page 16, we look at three evolving treatments in the MIGS space, including the trabecular, supraciliary, and subconjunctival outflow pathways. And on a related note, this month’s Coding column discusses reimbursement strategies for various MIGS procedures.

In “The Drop-Free Practice,” page 28, we explore other new developments in glaucoma therapy, including the possibility of managing glaucoma patients without the use of eye drops. Because there are so many ongoing clinical trials in the glaucoma space, we asked Glaukos — a company dedicated only to glaucoma therapy — to give us an update on their clinical trials (“Commitment to Glaucoma Research and Clinical Studies, page 40). We will continue to feature key companies in the glaucoma space in this Spotlight column in each issue. Finally, we have a Focus On ... column that explores how to use swept-source OCT in the management of glaucoma.

In summary, the field of glaucoma is firing on all cylinders, and we should be in for a thrilling and rewarding era as our treatment options expand exponentially. We hope you enjoy the ride — and the read. GP

We’d like to hear what you thought of our first issue. Please share any feedback, questions, or ideas with me at