Learn What's Behind the Medtronic Name

  • Appreciating the ECP Advantage

    Here's how endoscopic technology brings precision to surgical glaucoma therapy.

  • Are These Your Happy Patients?

    These ECP success stories show that incorporating this technology has increased patient and surgeon satisfaction.

  • ECP Benefits Surprise This Surgeon

    Recommendations from trusted colleagues and frustrations with conventional filtration surgery brought ECP to this practice. Now, it's here to stay.

  • ECP Enters the Mainstream

    Anterior segment surgeons are discovering the advantage of combining endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation with phaco. Here's why their glaucoma patients are grateful.

  • Medtronic Ophthalmics: Advancing OphthalmologyTM

    Medtronic provides empowering medical devices for early diagnostic detection, controlled surgical outcomes and lifelong management of chronic ocular conditions. Here's an inside look at this global leader.

  • Redefining "Cyclodestructive" Techniques

    Traditional procedures designed to lower IOP and aqueous production lack accuracy and are not titratable. ECP overcomes these drawbacks.