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Bio-Tissue Podcasts: Using Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane to Help Improve Patient Outcomes

This series of podcasts, sponsored by Bio-Tissue, will share advanced treatments options using AmnioGraft® cryopreserved amniotic membrane.

Episode 1: Co-managing Mechanical Dry Eye (aka Conjunctivochalasis)
Mechanical Dry Eye (MDE), also known as Conjunctivochalasis (CCh), is one of the most commonly underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed ocular surface diseases. Your dry eye patients who are not responding to current interventions may need be evaluated for Mechanical Dry Eye.
Learn from Dr. Douglas Devries, O.D., and Dr. Curtis Manning, M.D., of Eye Care Associates of Nevada on how they partner to diagnose and treat MDE to restore the patient’s anatomical tear reservoir, which addresses the underlying cause of mechanically induced dry eye and helps support:

  • Efficient replacement of the degenerated Tenon’s fascia and excised conjunctiva
  • Restoration of the tear reservoir to a healthy state
  • Return of tear flow from fornix to tear meniscus

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