Quick Notes: June 18, 2020

  • Haag-Streit Group acquired VRmagic, a company that specializes in developing virtual and augmented reality technology for medical training. VRmagic’s product offerings include the Eyesi Indirect Ophthalmoscope training simulator for BIO examinations and Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope virtual reality simulator for direct ophthalmoscopy. Haag-Streit Group and VRmagic collaborated in 2018 to develop the Eyesi Slit Lamp Simulator.
  • Tarsus Pharmaceuticals announced results of its Phase 2a Mars study at the ARVO 2020 virtual meeting. The Mars study examined the efficacy and safety of TP-03 to treat Demodex blepharitis. Study participants dosed one drop of TP-03 in each eye b.i.d. for 28 days showed statistically significant decreases in mean collarette score and mite density beginning at day 14 and continuing throughout the study period of 90 days with no adverse events reported.

  • Modernizing Medicine announced a new app development platform, modmed synapSYS. The platform, built using the latest Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standards, is designed to allow third-party providers, healthcare institutions and the developer community to easily interface Modernizing Medicine technologies with other parts of the healthcare ecosystem. 
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