A view of the AAO show floor

Special AAO Preview
San Francisco
Oct. 12-15, 2019

AAO is here, and in the following pages you will find highlights of some of the leading products and services on display at the Exhibit Hall. To help you find the latest and greatest for your practice, we invited vendors to submit a brief company intro, along with their AAO booth number and web address.

— Larry Patterson, MD, Chief Medical Editor



Aerie is an ophthalmic pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapies for treating patients with open-angle glaucoma, retinal diseases and other diseases of the eye. Visit Aerie’s website for more about its products and pipeline.
Booth #2339


Akorn is a developer and manufacturer of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, providing this growing market segment with established brands like AzaSite, Betimol, CosoptPF, Zioptan and TheraTears, as well as a full generic product line.
Booth #6438


Alcon’s booth, located in the South Hall of the Moscone Center, will feature interactive learning experiences using the company’s latest surgical technologies. Visitors will also be able to participate in Surgeon to Surgeon sessions and engage with the Alcon Experience Academy’s Virtual Reality.
Booth #539


Avedro is a publicly held pharmaceutical and medical device company focused on the science and technology of corneal remodeling. More information about its procedures and technology can be found at its website.
Booth #5415

Bausch + Lomb Surgical

Bausch + Lomb Surgical’s enVista toric IOL is designed to emphasize stability and patient outcomes. To learn more about the enVista toric IOL, including performance in clinical studies, visit Bausch + Lomb Surgical’s booth.
Booth #6266


Bruder’s Moist Heat Eye Compress, featuring patented MediBeads, followed by eyelid cleansing with Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Wipes and Eyelid Solution, assists in ocular surface health for dry eye sufferers, contact lens wearers and those preparing for ocular surgery.
Booth #5318

Canon USA

Canon USA will display the new Xephilio OCT-A1 Optical Coherence Tomography device. It is capable of image acquisition, with improved detail and image quality made possible through a series of “automated” features intended to increase efficiency and shorten exam times.
Booth #633


Dompé is an Italian biopharmaceutical company with U.S. headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. It pursues solutions to unmet medical needs in ophthalmology, transplants, oncology and diabetes. Dompé’s products include the first topical biologic FDA-approved for an ophthalmic indication.
Booth #7560


Ellex manufactures ophthalmic laser technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of cataract, glaucoma (SLT) and retinal conditions, including Laser Floater Treatment. Ellex offers the iTrack surgical system for minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) and introduced the first Six-Ring Phased Annular Array ultrasound.
Booth #439

EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems

Developed in an ophthalmologist’s office, EyeMD EMR is a comprehensive certified EMR constructed for ophthalmology, designed to help streamline office procedures and clinical documentation. EyeMD EMR offers nearly two decades of experience in the medical field to its customers.
Booth #7045

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (formerly pSivida Corp.) is a specialty biopharmaceutical company committed to developing and commercializing ophthalmic products in indications with high unmet medical need, to help patients with serious eye disorders.
Booth #5164

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals manufactures several products for patients, including: Flarex (fluorometholone acetate suspension 0.1%), a mid-potency steroid for ocular surface inflammation; and FRESHKOTE PF, lubricant drops that supports all layers of the tear film, helping manage dry eye symptoms.
Booth #7309 ,


Glaukos’ iStent inject is a micro-invasive surgery option for glaucoma patients. Launched in the U.S. in September 2018 and implanted in patients worldwide, the iStent inject is the company’s next generation of trabecular micro-bypass technology. Visit the company’s booth for more information.
Booth #2238

Haag-Streit Group

Haag-Streit Group has 160 years of experience in the field of ophthalmic technology. Haag-Streit’s slit lamps, surgical microscopes, medical equipment and Reliance exam chairs and stands are designed to offer ophthalmologists improved precision during patient care.
Booth #327

Heidelberg Engineering

Heidelberg Engineering’s imaging and health-care IT technologies help provide ophthalmic diagnostic options focused on patient care. The company has collaborated with scientists, clinicians and industry to develop innovative products that deliver clinically relevant benefits.
Booth #1839

Icare USA

Icare USA is a medical technology company that manufactures tonometers. The advanced Icare product line offers objective, repeatable accuracy in measuring IOP at home or in the clinic. These devices use rebound technology for quick, painless measurements without anesthetic or air.
Booth #2250

Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc., based in the Boston Metro area, is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to advancing the treatment of eye diseases. Kala’s first commercially available product is INVELTYS (loteprednol etabonate ophthalmic suspension) 1%.
Booth #7823


Katena’s featured products at AAO include: Katena and Rhein surgical instruments for current and emerging ophthalmic techniques and procedures; amniotic membrane for in-office and surgical procedures; Tutoplast patch allografts; the Molteno3 glaucoma implant; and EagleVision products, including punctal plugs.
Booth #5964


Lensar’s femtosecond cataract laser technology now comes with the Streamline IV upgrade. Enhancements include IntelliAxis Refractive Capsulorhexis, which incorporates steep axis capsular markings for toric IOL alignment, intended to help surgeons better manage astigmatism and patient outcomes.
Booth #2246

LKC Technologies

LKC’s visual electrophysiology products are used in more than 60 countries for clinical and research use on adults, children and for veterinary use on animals of all sizes. LKC Technologies has more than 40 years of experience in ERG and VEP testing.
Booth #6046


Visitors to the Lumenis booth can see the new Optima IPL technology for periocular inflammatory conditions, the Antares Dry Eye diagnostic system and the Smart-Selecta Duet for Glaucoma with the Smart V for vitreous opacities, as well as lasers for retina and other procedures.
Booth #1338


Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company with 150 years of experience assisting patients and managing their problems. The company’s pharmaceutical portfolio includes Acthar, a prescription medicine for people with severe and chronic inflammatory conditions affecting the eye.
Booth #7417

Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine offers ophthalmologists a suite of mobile, specialty-specific solutions for creating, consuming and utilizing health-care information. modmed Ophthalmology includes EMA, the ophthalmology-specific EHR system; Practice Management; Revenue Cycle Management; and Analytics.
Booth #5153


Nextech offers fully integrated ophthalmology-specific EMR and practice management solutions, designed to help ophthalmologists chart more efficiently. Designed specifically for ophthalmology workflows, its features include user-friendly navigation, adaptive template technology and enhanced drawing capabilities.
Booth #6448


Oasis is a vision care company focused on improving surgical and ocular surface solutions. Products include the Oasis TEAR Lubricant Eye Drops, the Oasis Rest and Relief mask for dry eye and Oasis Lid & Lash + Tea Tree Oil for eyelid and lash hygiene.
Booth #5929


Oculus has been part of the eye care industry since 1895. Oculus’ products, such as the Pentacam, Keratograph 5M and Easyfield C, have helped establish the company in the field of ophthalmic diagnostic devices.
Booth #1924


OCuSOFT has been a member of the ophthalmic community since 1986. Its brand of products include OCuSOFT Lid Scrub for eyelid hygiene and Retaine MGD Tears for complete tear film enhancement. The company recently introduced OCuSOFT Thermal 1-Touch for in-office localized heat therapy.
Booth #2230


Omeros develops and commercializes small-molecule and protein therapeutics. Its first FDA-approved product is Omidria (phenylephrine and ketorolac injection) 1%/0.3% for use during lens replacement surgery. Omeros’ pipeline includes seven clinical-stage programs, several preclinical programs and additional drug discovery platforms.
Booth #6561


Optos’ optomap technology offers single-capture ultra-widefield (UWF) retinal images, and optomap’s true UWF with no sweeps is intended to improve patient care and clinic flow. The optomap technology, which allows an anatomically correct 200° or 82% image of the retina, is available exclusively from Optos.
Booth #127

Quantel Medical

At its AAO booth, Quantel Medical will present the ABSolu, its new ultrasound platform. The ABSolu’s features include: exceptional image quality; 20MHz annular technology B probe; enhanced UBM imaging; and patented accelerometer technology in B probes.
Booth #1314


Reichert’s line of glaucoma care products include the Ocular Response Analyzer G3 with Corneal Hysteresis, which offers an objective predictor of glaucoma progression, and the new Tono-Pen AVIA featuring Quick-Tap, the company’s next entry in handheld tonometry.
Booth #1028

Sight Sciences

Sight Sciences is a growth-stage medical device company dedicated to designing and engineering products that address the underlying physiology of ophthalmic diseases. The company’s portfolio consists of the OMNI Surgical System as well as the non-surgical TearCare System.
Booth #5406


Ziemer Ophthalmology engineers multi-purpose femtosecond ophthalmic lasers for use in cataract and refractive surgery as well as biometric diagnostic devices. The FEMTO LDV Lasers and Galilei Topographer/Tomographer are intended to help ophthalmologists improve precision and accuracy.
Booth #1048