January 2019

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January 2019 Issue


  • Bruce Maller on the state of ophthalmology

    With 40+ years of consulting and training hundreds of ophthalmology practices, Bruce shares his insights on the business of eye care today and how you can align your practice for a successful future.

  • When patients ask for a drug by (brand) name

    By Conni Bergmann Koury, contributing editor

    Well-informed patients are good, but who really benefits from direct-to-consumer ads?

  • EMR: The second time around

    By Vanessa Caceres, contributing editor

    Transitioning to a new system doesn’t have to be so traumatic.

  • Patient financing: All hands on deck

    By Patty Casebolt

    Tips for a team approach to the patient financial experience.

  • Of phaco and pain management

    By Efstathia Kiatos, BHSc, MSc; James J. Armstrong, HBSs; Stephen M. Tsioros, HBSc; Cindy M. L. Hutnik, MD, PhD, FRCS; Monali S. Malvankar-Mehta, PhD; William G. Hodge, MD, PhD, FRCS

    Our review and meta-analysis of intravenous sedation in modern cataract surgery.

  • Place your practice in the public eye

    By Joseph F. Jalkiewicz, contributing editor

    To grow your practice in 2019, resolve to up your marketing game. Here’s how.

  • Hindsight is 20/20

    By Seenu M. Hariprasad, MD

    These 10 career lessons provide guidance to achieve a happy, balanced new year.