San Diego welcomes surgeons, innovators, administrators, residents and more.

The annual ASCRS•ASOA meeting will begin in sunny San Diego, Calif., on May 3 and run until May 7. In addition to the exhibition hall and numerous lectures, the convention will host several special events. The full list of events can be found at , but highlights include:

  • ASCRS Opening General Session. Saturday, May 4, 10 a.m. to noon. Opening events include ASCRS President’s Remarks given by Nick Mamalis, MD, as well as W. Andrew Maxwell, MD, PhD, and Donald N. Serafano, MD, being named the 2019 ASCRS David A. Karcher Honored Guests. Also, the ASCRS Ophthalmology Hall of Fame will hold a ceremony to induct two new members: Howard V. Gimble, MD, MPH, FRCSC, FACS, and the late Phillips Thygeson, MD. Stephen C. Pflugfelder will also give this year’s ASCRS Binkhorst Lecture: “The Quest for Tear Stability.”
  • ASOA Opening General Session. Saturday, May 4, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Keynote speaker Brad Montgomery’s presentation will use humor, stories, music and other tools to illustrate how to meaningfully encourage others. For the full ASOA program, visit .
  • ASCRS Sunday Summit General Session. Sunday, May 5, 10 a.m. to noon. The first part of the general session will feature the ASCRS Lecture on Science, Medicine and Technology, given by John Medina, PhD, a developmental molecular biologist, researcher, professor and New York Times bestselling author. The second part of the general session will be devoted to season two of ASCRS’ “The Voice of Ophthalmology,” hosted by Edward J. Holland, MD.
  • Winning Pitch Challenge symposium. Sunday, May 5, 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. This symposium is a new session designed to “connect early stage ophthalmologist innovators with early stage investors” to help them develop a product. Selected finalists will present their pitch live to a panel of judges who will vote on a winner. A first place winner will receive $10,000, and second place will take home $5,000.
  • ASCRS Young Eye Surgeons (YES) Skills Transfer Lab. Friday, May, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. New for 2019, this lab is exclusive to residents, fellows and surgeons in their first five years of practice. The lab offers hands-on training at more than 70 stations in cataract, refractive, cornea and glaucoma surgery.

ASCRS booth preview

Presenting our annual list of highlights from this year’s ASCRS Exhibit Hall.

ASCRS is almost upon us, and in the following pages you will find highlights of some of the leading products and services on display at the Exhibit Hall. To help you plan your trip and find the latest and greatest for your practice, we invited advertisers to submit a brief company or product intro, along with their ASCRS booth number and website. — Larry Patterson, MD, Chief Medical Editor


Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an ophthalmic pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapies for the treatment of patients with open-angle glaucoma, retinal diseases and other diseases of the eye.
Booth #2945


Akorn supports the advancement of ocular health and the improvement of patients’ lives through quality, affordable medications and diagnostics.
Booth #823


Allergan invites ASCRS 2019 attendees to booth 2333, where they can learn more about the company’s eye-care portfolio, including the XEN Gel Stent, Restasis Multidose and the Refresh line, including Refresh Repair.
Booth #2333

Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb, a Bausch Health Companies Inc. company, is a global eye health organization, with core businesses including over-the-counter products, dietary supplements, eye-care products, ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, contact lenses, lens care products, ophthalmic surgical devices and instruments.
Booth #1521

Bausch + Lomb Surgical

Bausch + Lomb Surgical’s enVista toric IOL has been shown to offer exceptional stability and outcomes in clinical studies. Visitors to Bausch + Lomb Surgical’s booth can also participate in the company’s Experience Exchange.
Booth #1521

Eye Care Leaders

Eye Care Leaders offers greater practice control with ophthalmology-specific solutions including EMR, practice management (PM), ASC, optical and more. myCare iMedicWare offers a single platform solution while myCare Integrity offers premium EMR- and PM-integrated options.
Booth #1333

EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems, Inc.

Developed in an ophthalmologist’s office, EyeMD EMR is a simple, efficient and comprehensive certified EMR designed for ophthalmology that streamlines office procedures and clinical documentation. For more information, visit the company’s booth.
Booth #2850


Eyenovia Inc. is a clinical stage ophthalmic biopharmaceutical company developing micro-dosed therapeutics for pediatric progressive myopia (MicroPine), glaucoma (MicroProst), mydriasis (MicroStat) and other conditions. Eyenovia’s therapies use its patented piezo-print delivery technology, the Optejet dispenser.
Booth #3056 and #3057


Eyevance Pharmaceuticals’ unique products include Flarex (fluorometholone acetate suspension) 0.1%, a mid-potency steroid for external ocular inflammation, and FRESHKOTE PF, lubricant drops that support all layers of the tear film, treating dry eye symptoms.
Booth #3445 ,


Icare USA is a medical technology company that manufactures tonometers.The Icare product line offers consistent, repeatable accuracy in measuring IOP at home or in the clinic. These devices use rebound technology for quick, painless measurements without anesthetic or air.
Booth #827


Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc., based in the Boston Metro area, is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to innovation and advancing the treatment of eye diseases. Kala’s first commercially-available product is INVELTYS (loteprednol etabonate ophthalmic suspension) 1%.
Booth #3251


Katena’s products at ASCRS include Katena and Rhein surgical instruments for current and emerging ophthalmic techniques and procedures, amniotic membrane for in-office and surgical procedures, Tutoplast patch allografts, the Molteno3 glaucoma implant and EagleVision products, including punctal plugs.
Booth #945


Visitors to Lumenis’ booth will be able to see the new Optima IPL technology for periocular inflammatory conditions, the Antares dry eye diagnostic system and the Smart-Selecta Duet for glaucoma with the SmartV for vitreous opacities — as well as lasers for retina and other procedures.
Booth #637


The Marco Ultra M Series’ slit lamps use light-gathering ultra-optics, enhanced by high-luminance LED. Other features include built-in background illumination; a 14-mm, continuously variable aperture; a fully integrated, low-voltage system and an expanded chin rest for improved patient access.
Booth #1537

Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine provides ophthalmologists a suite of mobile, specialty-specific solutions that improve how healthcare information is created, consumed and used. The modmed Ophthalmology suite includes EMA, the ophthalmology-specific EHR system, practice management, revenue cycle management and analytics.
Booth #737


Nextech offers ophthalmology-specific EMR and practice management solutions that help simplify charting, letting physicians spend more time with patients. Nextech also offers solutions for revenue management and patient engagement.
Booth #1833


NovaBay’s Avenova is a pure hypochlorous acid product that can assist in MGD, dry eye or blepharitis regimens. Hypochlorous acid kills microorganisms, neutralizes bacterial inflammatory toxins, suppresses inflammatory mediators and penetrates biofilm.
Booth #3111


Oasis, the company behind Oasis TEARS Lubricant Eye Drops, invites convention attendees to see the surgical and ocular surface solutions it has on display at ASCRS.
Booth #2835


OCULUS has been involved in the eye-care industry since 1895. The company’s range of products include the Pentacam, perimeters, topographers, pachymeters, autorefractors and keratometers. On display at its booth is the Pentacam AXL, with axial length measurement and built-in IOL calculation formulas.
Booth #2245


Since 1986, OCuSOFT, known for its doctor-recommended eyelid cleansers, has served the ophthalmic community with a unique selection of brands including OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Eyelid Cleansers, OCuSOFT HypoChlor (0.02% Hypochlorous acid) and Retaine MGD Preservative-Free Tears.
Booth #2907

Quantel Medical

Quantel Medical is introducing three new products: the Lacrystim IPL system for dry eye treatment (FDA pending); Lacrydiag for dry eye diagnosis; and Absolu, its ultrasound platform with annular technology in 20 MHz.
Booth #631


Quidel’s Eye Health solutions, InflammaDry and QuickVue, are rapid, point-of-care, CLIA-waived products for the detection of infectious and inflammatory eye diseases. InflammaDry detects elevated levels of MMP-9 for dry eye. QuickVue diagnoses adenoviral conjunctivitis.
Booth #643


Global biotechnology company Shire serves patients with rare diseases and specialized conditions. Shire focuses on discovering and delivering new possibilities for patient communities across a portfolio of therapeutic areas that includes immunology, hematology, genetic diseases, neuroscience, internal medicine and ophthalmics.
Booth #1807

Sight Sciences

Sight Sciences has introduced TearCare, the first and only personalized open eye experience. TearCare leverages the mechanism of blinking to naturally optimize gland clearance. The Clearance Assistant empowers eye-care professionals to gently clear blocked meibum at the individual gland level.
Booth #1307


The Zepto capsulotomy system provides anterior lens capsulotomies during cataract surgery in a convenient, cost-effective, disposable format. One of the key features is a collapsible, elastic nitinol capsulotomy ring element designed to create a unique and strong Zepto capsulotomy edge.
Booth #1953