March 2017

March 2017

March 2017 Issue


  • The femtosecond roundtable

    By Participants: Uday Devgan, MD, moderator: John Berdahl, MD; Yassine J. Daoud, MD; Kendall Donaldson, MD; Vance Thompson, MD

    Five experts discuss femto: the upsides, the downsides, patient selection, even its future.

  • MKO Melt: Here is what we’ve learned

    By Shamik Bafna, MD

    One practice has used the anesthetic-pain pill since its release. The author shares patient selection, other pearls.

  • When the surgeon must choose

    By René Luthe, senior editor

    What tools and products would experienced cataract surgeons opt for themselves?

  • L.A. rolls out red carpet for ASCRS

    By Wendy Lyons Sunshine, contributing editor

    Annual cataract and refractive surgeons’ event

  • Intracameral antibiotics work

    By Bryan S. Lee, MD, JD

    Their efficacy in preventing post-cataract surgery endophthalmitis is evidence-based.

  • When small tools are a big help

    By Samuel Masket, MD

    Microsurgical tools mitigate some challenges that come with difficult cases, like anterior capsule lacerations.

  • Beware contact lens misuse

    By Kevin Tozer, MD and David Hardten, MD

    In this case, the eye structure and visual function of the patient could not be treated simultaneously.

  • Steroid-induced glaucoma

    By Brian Francis, MD, MS

    Steroid use may not be obvious, least of all to the patient, until advanced visual loss sets in.

  • Aesthetic services to the revenue rescue?

    By Robert Calandra, contributing editor

    Some physicians prefer performing plastic to cataract surgery; others do both, or sell aesthetic products, services.


  • Guest Editorial

    By Uday Devgan, MD

    Cataract surgery is in a Golden Age

  • Viewpoint

    By Larry E. Patterson, MD

    The value of scribes has not changed

  • Visionaries and Educators

    By Trevor Elmquist, DO, MBA

    Scribes: Vital members of the efficient ophthalmic practice

  • As I See It

    By Paul S. Koch, MD, editor emeritus

    A world with 75% fewer federal regulations?

  • Coding & Reimbursement

    By Suzanne L. Corcoran

    Glaucoma specialists, take note: goniotomy coding


    By Maureen Waddle

    Before joining an IPA, ask the right questions


    By Cynthia Matossian, MD

    It’s only an emergency if there’s no plan for it