ASCRS product preview

Name the product, it likely will be on display in LA. Here is a sample of what’s in store.

Advanced Tear Diagnostics

Advanced Tear Diagnostics will display its TearScan point-of-care diagnostic system, which can identify if dry eye is caused by an aqueous deficiency, an ocular allergy or an evaporative issue. TearScan allows technicians to measure lactoferrin and IgE in basal tears, allowing doctors to focus on treatment protocols and patient care.

Booth #754


Alcon credits its success to the company’s passion for helping people to see better. Alcon dedicates itself to enhancing lives by enhancing sight, one of our most precious senses. The company provides innovative products with the goal to deliver the best patient outcomes.

Booth #1623


Altaire, an American cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturer, will display its patented NanoTears dry eye drops. NanoTears products help revitalize the lipid layer function of tear film without the blur associated with emollient lipid preparations. NanoTears is available in preservative-free formulations, in both single-dose and new multidose delivery systems.

Booth #1711


Avedro is a privately held pharmaceutical and medical device company advancing the science and technology of corneal cross-linking and refractive correction.

Booth #637

Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb will launch Stellaris Elite, a next-generation phacoemulsification platform offering cutting-edge innovations as well as annual upgrades and enhancements, allowing surgeons to rapidly customize capabilities. A wet lab at the ASCRS booth will provide hands-on experience with this and other Bausch + Lomb technologies.

Booth #2023


The recently launched Visitec I-Ring Pupil Expander is a single-use iris retraction device for ophthalmic surgery. I-Ring is a safe and effective solution for intraoperative small pupil expansion. It is gentle on the iris and, upon removal, the iris quickly returns to its natural shape.

Booth #2613


Located in Memphis, Tenn., BioD, LLC, is a vertically integrated biomedical company engaged in the development and commercialization of novel biologic products derived from placental tissues. BioDOptix is a dehydrated, extracellular membrane allograft derived from human amniotic tissue for use as a scaffold for ocular tissue repair.

Booth #2914


CenterVue develops diagnostic systems for early detection and management of sight-threatening ocular pathology. Their devices emphasize diagnostic precision and workflow efficiency, with easy-to-use functionality. The CenterVue portfolio includes the Eidon wide-field true color confocal scanner with autofluorescence, the Compass fundus perimeter, MAIA confocal microperimetry and DRS automated fundus camera.

Booth #605

Clarity Medical Systems

Clarity Medical Systems, Inc., develops and manufactures disruptive medical systems designed to improve surgical eye care. Clarity’s technology platform, the Holos IntraOp wavefront aberrometer, offers continuous, real-time streaming of patient refractive data. This unique Holos feature allows surgeons to optimize cataract surgery, IOL selection and improve patient outcomes.

Booth #1147


Compulink’s EHR and practice management systems for ophthalmology help create a more efficient practice. Bringing 32 years of experience to its clients, Compulink offers thorough solutions backed by a one-hour service response guarantee. Its services are designed to improve patient care while also generating greater income.

Booth #953


Ellex’s Tango Reflex combines multiple treatment platforms — SLT for glaucoma, laser vitreolysis for floaters and capsulotomy and iridotomy treatments — in a single laser system. Featuring an intuitive tablet interface, Tango Reflex allows you to perform the full range of anterior and posterior YAG laser procedures, as well as SLT.

Booth #2039

Eye Photo Systems

Eye Photo Systems offers a quality slit lamp imaging system and more. The company has joined forces with Robert H. Osher, MD, to create an effective and affordable digital toric alignment solution. Many cataract surgery centers across the country have adopted this system.

Booth #438


The iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent is designed to restore the natural physiologic outflow for cataract patients with mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma by creating a patent bypass through the trabecular meshwork, between the anterior chamber and Schlemm’s canal. iStent prioritizes patient safety and outcomes and offers a favorable benefit-to-risk ratio.

Booth #847


Heine manufactures primary diagnostic instruments with a focus on quality optics and illumination. The Lambda 100 Retinometer is the first and only compact instrument for assessing potential visual acuity of patients with cataracts and opacities. This handheld retinometer is an affordable solution, offering convenience and mobility for any environment.

Booth #2506


Icare USA is an advanced medical technology company manufacturing Icare tonometers for measuring intraocular pressure. With its unique, patented rebound technology, it enables accurate, quick and painless measurements without the need of anesthetic drops or the use of air. Icare has over 50,000 users in more than 50 countries.

Booth #1209


Dropless and LessDrops formulations are now available from Imprimis’ FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility, which does not require individual patient prescriptions. Imprimis offers fast and simple ordering with 24-hour processing time, if received by 4 p.m. EST. Standard shipping is included. Orders can be made through Imprimis’ website.

Booth #3038


S4OPTIK’s exam lane instrumentation and CSO’s advanced diagnostic devices provide precise results to help enhance treatment decisions. Visit Innova at ASCRS to experience its lineup of durable, high-quality, value-priced instrumentation.

Booth #1107


Keeler is known for quality optics and mechanical design in its complete line of ophthalmic products. At ASCRS, it will exhibit its binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes, slit lamps, contact and noncontact tonometers, cryo systems, handheld retinoscopes and ophthalmoscopes featuring LED technology.

Booth #1605


Lacrivera’s VeraPlug punctal occluder provides improved retention and patient comfort. Available in four sizes, the VeraPlug is offered in sterile preloaded and nonsterile bulk packaging. Lacrivera also offers the Vera90 temporary plug, good for three to six months. Show specials will be offered at its ASCRS booth.

Booth #440


LENSAR, Inc., has released Streamline III, its third system upgrade in two years. These latest enhancements, including wireless transfer of total corneal astigmatism and postoperative outcomes optimization, provide intuitive astigmatism management designed for precise treatment planning. These features help lead to better visual outcomes, reduced chair time and increased conversions.

Booth #2213


Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is a global specialty biopharmaceutical and medical imaging company. The company’s autoimmune and rare diseases business includes H.P. Acthar Gel (repository corticotropin injection), indicated for use in multiple specialties.

Booth #759

Malosa Medical

Malosa will display its range of single-use instruments and procedure packs for all aspects of ophthalmic surgery. In addition to its core range of phaco and laser refractive (LASIK, LASEK, SMILE) instruments, Malosa will also be displaying items for procedures such as cross-linking, DMEK, corneal inlay & DSAEK.

Booth #2323

Marco Ophthalmic

This year, Marco launches Slit Lamp Capabilities, complete with the Ion Imaging slit lamp attachment. Ion Imaging combines Apple technology with Marco diagnostics, delivering a diagnosis as it is being made. In addition, Marco’s XFRACTION process improves wavefront optimized refractions and the AFC-330 sets high standards of automation in a retinal camera.

Booth #547

Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine and its affiliated companies are improving how health-care information is created, consumed and utilized to increase efficiency and enhance outcomes. The company’s specialty-specific, data-driven and cloud-based suite includes EHR and practice management systems, plus revenue cycle management services and analytics. Built by specialty physicians.

Booth #2333


Improve financial, clinical and operational results with the NextGen ophthalmic solution. We streamline image access, offer interoperability with other systems, and help you maximize reimbursements. Learn how documenting patient encounters with NextGen Ambulatory EHR reduces data capture time, creates paperless documentation, enhances coding and generates immediate prescriptions.

Booth #707


NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a development/commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company developing proprietary, patented technologies. Avenova with Neutrox relieves itchy, burning, irritated eyelids often caused by blepharitis and MGD dry eye. It is ideally part of any lid hygiene regimen for contact lens wear, ocular surgery and procedures, and after make-up removal.

Booth #2605

Ocular Instruments

Ocular will display its latest solutions for MIGS and other surgical glaucoma procedures, including the Hill open access surgical gonio lens, and our newest release, the single use SecureFlex hands free surgical gonio lens. Ocular’s full line of quality laser, surgical and diagnostic lenses can be seen at its website.

Booth #1114


For 30 years, OCuSOFT, most recognized for its doctor-recommended brand of eyelid cleansers, has served the ophthalmic community with a unique selection of brands. These include OCuSOFT lid scrub for eyelid hygiene, OCuSOFT HypoChlor for severe eyelid conditions and Retaine MGD for complete tear film enhancement.

Booth #2701

Oertli Instrumente AG

For over 60 years Oertli has been developing, producing and distributing surgical equipments that enable surgeons and OR staff to work in a safer, easier and more efficient way, with better patient results. At its booth, Oertli will present its quality platforms and instruments for cataract, glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgeries.

Booth #713


Omeros is a Seattle-based biopharmaceutical company committed to discovering, developing and commercializing small-molecule and protein therapeutics. Its first FDA-approved product is Omidria (phenylephrine and ketorolac injection) 1%/0.3% for use during lens replacement surgery. Omeros’ pipeline includes seven clinical-stage programs, a diverse group of preclinical programs and additional drug discovery platforms.

Booth #1915


Optovue, a pioneer in the SD-OCT field, has more than 11,000 systems installed globally.  Its next generation AngioVue imaging system, the world’s first OCT angiography, visualizes ocular blood vessels to enable closer management of debilitating sight-threatening diseases.

Booth #1215

Paragon BioTeck

Paragon BioTeck specializes in ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, devices and therapies. Its products, designed to protect and preserve eyesight as well as comfort the eyes, include the Comfortear Lacrisolve 180 Absorbable punctum plug, Comfortear punctum plug, and the first FDA-approved phenylephrine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution, available in 2.5% and 10% solutions.

Booth #413

ReVision Optics

ReVision Optics, Inc. focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative optical solutions dedicated to presbyopic vision correction. The Raindrop near vision inlay reshapes the cornea to improve near vision and it is designed to help reduce the need for reading glasses. The Raindrop is now available in the U.S.

Booth #2936


Shire is a leading global biotechnology company focused on serving people with rare diseases and other highly specialized conditions.

Booth #1847


Surgilum is dedicated to bringing innovative ophthalmic instruments to surgeons. Surgilum’s debut product, the RoboMarker corneal marker, brings well-defined linear corneal marks that last for up to two hours. The Photon Speculum, due for release in May, will allow surgeons to see more anterior segment details than traditional microscope lighting.

Booth #2706


Topcon presents its new Aladdin 6-in-1 Optical Biometer / Corneal Topographer, now with the Barrett formula suite onboard. Also on display will be the fully automated, space-saving 3D OCT-1 Maestro and the multifunctional CA-800 corneal analyzer with meibomian gland imaging, tear film breakup, pupillometry and fluorescein imaging/video capabilities.

Booth #1101


The HD analyzer from Visiometrics is an objective light scatter diagnostic device capable of quantifying the effects of ocular scatter on total vision quality. This enables appropriate: diagnostic selection; quantification of the stages of lens opacification; and identification of tear film quality issues, even in asymptomatic dry eye patients.

Booth #2200

Vision Associates

Vision Associates offers turnkey, customizable dispensary management and consulting services that allow eye-care practices to increase the efficiency and profitability of its dispensary. Vision’s program includes inventory management; lab facility integration; feasibility studies; staff training and supervision; third-party insurance; point-of-sale software and internal marketing.

Booth #2401


VisionCare has developed the first FDA-approved telescope prosthesis demonstrated to improve vision and quality of life in individuals with end-stage AMD. The telescope implant is integral to the CentraSight treatment program, which has been created to help patients follow the necessary steps for proper diagnosis, surgical evaluation and postoperative care.

Booth #2504


Volk Optical’s TVG surgical gonio lens is designed specifically for precision and comfort in MIGS and intraoperative gonioscopy. Its floating lens eliminates corneal pressure and associated distortion of chamber angle views. Also at ASCRS will be Volk’s vitreolysis lenses, including the new Singh MidVitreous lens.

Booth #1611


Ziemer Ophthalmology innovates, engineers and manufactures multi-purpose femtosecond ophthalmic lasers for use in cataract and refractive surgery, as well as biometric diagnostic devices. The femto LDV lasers and Galilei topographer/tomographer provide outcomes that optimize precision and accuracy.

Booth #2413