August 2016

August 2016

August 2016 Issue


  • A little DED advice: Prescribe to variety

    By Karen Blum, Contributing Editor

    With only two FDA-approved drugs for dry eye disease, it’s good to have more than a Plan B.

  • A NOD to a painful, puzzling diagnosis

    By Richard A. Adler, MD

    Nonobvious dry eye disease may have a neuropathic basis, so look for symptoms; signs might prove elusive.

  • DED surveys: reality v. perception

    By Laura M. Periman, MD

    Physicians say they talk to patients about the dangers lurking in cosmetics; patients say otherwise.

  • Does symptom-free mean dry eye-free?

    By Wendy Lyons Sunshine

    No: nerve damage, systemic conditions and environmental factors can contribute to asymptomatic dry eye.

  • Giving birth to a dry eye clinic

    By Patti Barkey, COE, Sheetal Shah, MD, and Zachary Smith, MHSA

    DED mavens — two established, one en route — provide pearls, expose pitfalls and show how it’s done.

  • Heading for the exit?

    By Robert Calandra, Contributing Editor

    Are ophthalmologists retiring due to the heavy hand of the government?

  • When beauty doesn’t blink

    By Laura M. Periman, MD and Leslie E. O’Dell, OD

    We look at exacerbators of ocular surface disease that lurk on product labels in cosmetics bags.