Focus on microkeratomes

Focus on Microkeratomes

AMO, Inc.

The Amadeus II Microkeratome is the first and only microkeratome with completely customizable parameters for both LASIK and surface ablation procedures from the same handpiece. Featuring computer-controlled intelligent design, the Amadeus II Microkeratome provides surgeons with the safety and confidence of voice-confirmation of flap parameters and instrument readiness.

The Amadeus II Microkeratome also provides full visualization of the flap and epithelial tissue during LASIK and surface ablation procedures. The on-board computer controls engagement of the microkeratome, maintaining precise tissue parameters throughout the procedure.

To meet the evolving surgical needs associated with surface ablation techniques, the Amadeus II Microkeratome provides the option of maintaining an epi-flap in epi-LASIK or performing lamellar epithelial debridement, completely removing the epithelial tissue with accuracy.

AMO, Inc.

Phone: (714) 247-8200

Bausch & Lomb

The Zyoptix XP microkeratome from Bausch & Lomb offers a full range of competitive advantages. There is no safer or more precise method of flap creation today than with the Zyoptix XP, says B&L. Head labels reflect true, nomial flap thickness and enhanced safety is achieved through a suction ring design that reduces the potential for pseudosuction, slippage and suction breaks. The elevated, gearless drive assembly minimizes interference with drapes and eyelashes.

Interchangeable components make the XP easy to use and service. Replacement parts can be ordered while keeping the microkeratome system in a surgeon's clinic. Clinical versatility is achieved with: the right eye/left eye selector switch, which eliminates the need for disassembly between eyes; larger diameter beds for wider treatment areas; and 360� hinge placement. Additionally, the motor sleeve may be sterilized, which reduces the potential for contamination during the procedure.

Bausch & Lomb

Phone: (800) 338-2020

Becton, Dickinson

Becton, Dickinson's K-4000 microkeratome features self-diagnostic and self-testing features. The K-4000 uses a pre-assembled disposable BD Beaver blade, enclosed in a nonmetallic safety blade case. The BD K-4000 is battery operated, allowing the flap creation to be completed during a power loss. The unique heads allow the surgeon to observe the flap being created.

The BD K-4000 has several safety features included; the motor stops if there is a loss of suction, the blade does not oscillate in reverse and will stop if there is a blade failure and the unit has both audible and visual error messages.

The oscillation speed is 12,000 +/-500 rotations per minute with a translation speed of 4.4 mm/sec. The BD K-4000 employs suction ring sizes of 8.5, 9.0, 9.5 and
10.0 mm and creates a nasal hinge. The average hinge length is 5 mm; the flap diameter ranges from 8 mm to 11 mm; and heads are available in 130 μm, 160 μm and 180 μm. 

Becton, Dickinson and Company

Phone: (800) 237-2174


Moria microkeratomes provide a high degree of precision and consistency. The disposable technology common to each module offers unrivalled safety, simplicity, convenience and ease-of-use, according to Moria.

The One Use-Plus is an automated, linear microkeratome. With a new, disposable blade-head assembly and suction ring for each patient, it eliminates potential complications from improperly sterilized or damaged components.

The M2 is an automated, pivoting microkeratome that can accommodate a wide range of ocular dimensions and geometries. M2 single-use heads are available in a 130-μm size and also a 90-μm size that addresses the increasing interest in thin-flap LASIK. 

An advanced new control unit, the Evolution3E, drives both microkeratomes as well as the Epi-K, Moria's epikeratome.


Phone: (800) 441-1314


The ML7 microkeratome exemplifies the same type of accuracy and performance as Med-Logics calibrated LASIK blade (CLB) design, used in other brands of microkeratomes. A variety of CLB options include plano, -10 μm, -20 μm, -30 μm, +10 μm and +20 μm for use in creating a custom flap with the ML7. The ML7 Blade Shuttle installs the CLB directly into the head without being handled by the user.

The small footprint and handpiece design allow the surgeon to locate the hinge in a temporal, nasal or superior position. Patient comfort is increased because a lid speculum is not required. The patented vacuum-control system for the ML7 contributes to creating reliable and predictable flaps.

Med-Logics, Inc.

Phone: (949) 582-3891

Schwind eye-tech-solutions

The Carriazo-Pendular microkeratome stands for precision, safety and predictable results. The cutting head and blade are designed in a convex form similar to the cornea itself. Due to the unique pendulum motion of the Carriazo-Pendular, the cornea becomes more applanated in the center than in the periphery. Combined with the optimal settings for cutting speed and blade oscillation, this technology provides a homogeneous and highly predictable flap thickness with an extremely low standard deviation, between 10 μm and 12 μm (depending on which cutting head is used), and smooth cutting edges. A vacuum chamber located in the suction ring minimizes stress on the eye and increases cutting safety, says Schwind. The hinge position can be freely selected (360°) and individual components are interchangeable for optimal OR procedures. Detailed monitoring assures standardized and controlled treatment.

Schwind eye-tech-solutions

Phone: +49-(0)6027-508-0

Other Products


The Micro-Coaxial Black Diamond is for use in microincision cataract surgeries.


The micro-coaxial black diamond knife provides a superior diamond incision, with better visibility in the eye, says Accutome. The "bevel up" configuration results in nearly a self-sealing incision when used in the "soft" eye. When handled correctly, the knife should last in excess of 1,000 cases before any repair is required.


Phone: (800) 979-2020

The Giannetti HydroChopper has a 20-gauge thin-wall irrigation tube.

Katena Products, Inc.

The Giannetti HydroChopper has a chopping tip which is ideal for both nucleus division and for manipulating fragments within the capsular bag, says Katena. The hourglass-shaped tip has a blunted distal end to protect the posterior capsule and semi-sharp sides that aid in efficient horizontal chopping. The inside surface of the chopper tip is concave in shape to capture and control nuclear fragments while feeding the phaco probe.

Katena Products, Inc.

Phone: (800) 225-1195


Tomey's RC-5000 has an advanced touch-screen.


The RC-5000 autorefractor/keratometer with automatic measurement and built-in printer has an advanced touch-screen which allows users to perform both refraction and keratometry automatically with one simple movement. The wide-viewed fixation target assures natural fixation to avoid accommodation. Users capture one eye on the display by touching the center of the pupil on the display with a fingertip and the
RC-5000 will automatically align and begin measurement. Diameter measurement of the cornea and pupil can be gained by moving the two cursors on the display to the boundary of the cornea or pupil.


Phone: (888) 449-4045


The PSL portable slit lamp utilizes a high-luminance white LED light source.

Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments

Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments has introduced the PSL portable slit lamp, a hand-held instrument that can be used on any patient, in any position. The compact PSL slit lamp weighs 1.5 pounds and its ergonomic design provides optimum versatility, says Reichert.

Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments

Phone: (888) 849-8955




The Gillum Retrobulbar Guide assists in the controlled placement of either retrobulbar or peribulbar needles.

Rhein Medical

Rhein Medical's Gillum Retrobulbar Guide, developed in coordination with William N. Gillum, M.D., assists in the controlled placement
of either retrobulbar or peribulbar needles for squirming patients who require a block. The device is placed with one hand, and the needle is inserted through its tube for the secure placement of the needle.

Rhein Medical

Phone: (800) 637-4346

The Celestial Star is available in a single- or dual-ceiling lamp configuration.


The Celestial Star MRI surgical light brings the performance of a surgical light into the magnetic resonance imaging suite. The Celestial Star features MRI compatibility, a drift-free balance arm design, unlimited positioning and optimal flexibility around the bore, and a 114-inch vertical and horizontal reach for head-to-toe coverage.


Phone: (800) 445-7869