May 2020 Imaging Spotlight

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Monitoring progression of co-existing conditions


Images and diagnoses courtesy of Carrot Eye Center, Mesa, AZ, Michael Herion, MD, and Matthew Hammond, MD


91-year-old male S/P VEGF injections OD with a history of diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration presents at three-month IOP follow-up with blurred vision OD. Vision OD decreased to CF at one foot from 20/80 three months prior.


The 133o widefield photo (figure 1) was captured effortlessly while this 91-year-old patient is stable with the head rest/chin rest. The detailed information of the retina is easily documented and tracked regarding this patient's glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retina status.


The CLARUS Review software allows visualization of up to 16 images at once, facilitating ease in progression monitoring. The fundus image from the three-month follow up shows disciform scar formation (figure 2), representing advancement of end-stage wet AMD.


The high 7μm resolution shows the distinct appearance of reticular pseudo drusen (figure 3). The yellowish subretinal lesions seen distinctly in these color images are prognostic markers for advancing disease, which historically color fundus photography picked up with low sensitivity.

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