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Icon ImageSurgeons discuss how the I-Ring Pupil Expander simplifies intraoperative management of small pupils
Sponsored by: Beaver Visitec

Panelists: Kenneth Kenyon, MD; Roberto Pineda, MD

Icon ImageCreating A Dry Eye Center of Excellence 2015
Sponsored by: Science-Based Health, TearLab, Allergan, Bio-Tissue, TearScience, Shire, RPS Diagnostics, PRN

Moderator: John Sheppard, MD

Panelists: Mitch Jackson, MD; Patty Barkey, COE; Kendall Donaldson, MD; Sheetal M. Shah, MD

  • Management Perspective
  • Deciphering the Dry Eye Code
  • What You Will Need to Get Started
  • Ocular Surface Challenges in Academia
  • Unique Approach to Dry Eye in Rural Georgia
  • Panel Discussion and Q & A
    Icon ImageCreating A Dry Eye Center of Excellence 2014
    Sponsored by: Bausch + Lomb, Science Based Health, TearLab, CareCredit, TearScience

    Moderator: John Sheppard, MD

    Panelists: Victor L. Perez, MD; Frank Bowden, MD; Patti Barkey ; Karen Spencer ; Clifford J. Salinger, MD

  • Why Open a Dry Eye Clinic?
  • The Medical Economics of a Dry Eye Clinic
  • Profile of Four Practices: Their Set Up, Mechanics and Tactics
  • Technologies and Products Utilized
  • Role of Staff and Patient Education
  • Panel Discussion and Q & A
    Icon ImageSurgeons discuss the importance of the ReSure® Sealant
    Sponsored by: Occular Therapeutix

    Icon ImageWhy Your Colleagues Recommend PROKERA® to Prepare the Ocular Surface Prior To Cataract Surgery
    Sponsored by: Biotissue