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  • FloraGlo® by Kemin: The Pioneers of Lutein Science and Discovery

    FloraGlo® by Kemin: The Pioneers of Lutein Science and Discovery

    FloraGLO® Lutein sets the gold standard for the lutein market. Rooted in science, with an unparalleled reputation for efficacy, trust and safety, the FloraGLO® name is synonymous with excellence. “The Pioneers of Lutein Science and Discovery” offers the following:

    • How researchers discovered the photoprotective properties of lutein and zeaxanthin;
    • Why most adults aren’t getting enough in their diets; and
    • How Kemin created a lutein supplement proven to increase macular pigment optical density (MPOD) in clinical trials.
    Discover the scientific pedigree of FloraGLO® Lutein by Kemin.

  • Why Your Ophthalmology Practice’s Revenue is at Risk Under MIPS

    Why Your Ophthalmology Practice’s Revenue is at Risk Under MIPS

    Did you know that 59% of physicians in practices with under 25 clinicians can expect to receive a performance penalty as high as 4% under MACRA and MIPS in 2019?1 And with the maximum penalty rising to 9% by 2022, you could easily lose thousands of dollars a year.
    Fortunately, if you have the right tools and know how to use them, you could be one of the strong performers who will earn a bonus payment for their performance. Read our complimentary white paper to learn:

    • How MIPS could impact your practice’s revenue
    • What ophthalmologists’ participation options are
    • The key tasks you can complete now to start preparing
    • 6 EHR capabilities that can make or break your MIPS performance

  • Sustained supplementation and monitored response

    Sustained supplementation and monitored response

    Non-advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD) does not profoundly affect vision, but is associated with gradual but relentless visual decline and, in many cases, progression to advanced and blinding AMD (atrophic and/or neovascular). Supplementation with antioxidants that include the macular carotenoids has been shown benefit patients with non-advanced AMD.[1] A recent randomized, clinical trial has shown that a formulation containing all three macular carotenoids (in L:MZ:Z [mg] ratio of 10:10:2; MacuHealth with LMZ3 and MacuHealthPlus+ ) outperforms a MZ-deficient formulation in patients with non-advanced AMD, both in terms of visual improvements and in terms of observed increases in macular pigment.[2]

  • Medical Food and Macular Carotenoids

    Medical Food and Macular Carotenoids

    Medical foods are an emerging category of product, formulated to address nutritional deficiencies relating to specific diseases or conditions.  This whitepaper provides an insight into:
    ·         The importance of targeted nutrition for eye health
    ·         The medical food category: Guidelines, market size, regulations
    ·         Macular pigment: Risk factor, biomarker, vision performance
    ·         Lumega-Z: the first and only medical food developed to restore and maintain the macular pigment
    Download the whitepaper to learn about this differentiated offering, and discover how to maximize the efficacy of your intervention, ensure patient compliance and satisfaction.

  • One Advanced Laser. Four Treatment Modalities.

    One Advanced Laser. Four Treatment Modalities.

    Introducing the Anterior Segment Surgeon’s Dream Laser: Tango Reflex
    The Ellex Tango Reflex™ is a new, advanced laser that provides you with four (CPT-code) treatment modalities - SLT, Laser Floater Removal (laser vitreolysis), Capsulotomy and Iridotomy – in a single footprint, offering solutions for POAG, ACG and secondary cataract patients.

  • SLT for Glaucoma

    SLT for Glaucoma

    The attached article by glaucoma specialist Nathan Radcliffe, MD, dispels four common misconceptions about SLT in the treatment of POAG patients:

    • SLT is a last resort
    • SLT reimbursement is complicated
    • SLT must be performed unilaterally
    • SLT must be repeated every two years
    The Ellex Tango Reflex™ multi-modality SLT/YAG laser combines four treatment modalities into a single advanced laser and enables you to expand your quality and scope of patient care.



    Learn about new technological advances in surgical microscopy that have been recently incorporated in a new ophthalmic platform from Leica Microsystems, with insights from Iqbal “Ike” Ahmed, MD, James Katz, MD, and Seenu Hariprasad, MD.