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November 2012


The Next Wave
By:  Bill Kekevian, Associate Editor
Managing an influx of diabetic retinopathy patients requires practices to rethink processes.

A Glimpse at Newand Emerging Treatments for DME
By:  Ashish Sharma, MD; Baruch D. Kupperman, MD, PhD
Anti-VEGF treatments, implants and topical drops are drawing investigators’ interest in the quest to preserve vision in diabetic eye disease.

Managing the Retinal Complications Of Cataract Surgery
By:  Kevin K. Suk, MD; Timothy G. Murray, MD, MBA, FACS
How to respond when lens fragments drop and other troubling events occur.

How to Prevent and Manage Postoperative Endophthalmitis
By:  Ingird U. Scott, MD, MPH; Harry W. Flynn, JR., MD
Addressing offending organisms pre-op and quickly recognizing the infection post-op are key.

The IMT: A Primer for General Ophthalmologists
A team approach helps severely visually impaired AMD patients.

Stopping Dry-to-Wet AMD Conversion
By:  Daniel F. Kiernan, MD
This stepwise approach may help prevent and detect conversion to advanced-stage disease.

Walk a Mile In a Patient's Shoes
By:  Lindsey Getz
Laser retinal repair is routine for the surgeon, but a mix of hope and anxiety for the patient, as this health-care writer reports.

Adding Oculoplastics: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful
How we added this lucrative specialty to our practice.


By:  Larry E. Patterson, M.D.
Caution and paper aplenty

At Press Time
Warning on “cloned” claims documents; a new use for “rejected” donor corneas; NEI contest seeks eyecare ideas; Membrane removal and DMEK graft adhesion; and more

Retina Roundup
By:  Andrew E. Mathis, PhD, Medical Editor
Timely and Important Retina News of Interest to All Ophthalmologists

Best Practices
Goal-setting starts with a clear vision (statement)

Coding & Reimbursement
By:  Suzanne L. Corcoran, COE
Coding for laser cataract surgery

Value-Based Medicine
By:  Melissa M. Brown, MD, MN, MBA
Why your legislators should know you

Spotlight on Technology & Technique
By:  Bill Kekevian, Associate Editor
A pharmaceutical treatment for VMA

Management Essentials
By:  Farrell "Toby" Tyson, MD, FACS
What a Consultant Can Do