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March 2002


This site contains useful general eyecare information for you and your patients.

By:  Alan B. Aker, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Where'd the Money Go?

As I See It
By:  Robert D. Watson
Can You Afford to Ignore LASEK?

Practice Watch
Tips and News You Can Use

Planning Strategies - Negotiate with confidence
By:  Richard E. Gable, Ph.D., M.B.A., C.E.O.
Use these moves and countermoves to gain control of a negotiation.

Practice Economics - Using a "Common Paymaster"
By:  Mark E. Kropiewnicki, Esq., LL.M.,
It's a good idea when employees work for related entities.

Focus on Personal Finance - Take Advantage of New Tax Laws
By:  Richard J. Alphonso, J.D., CPA, M.S.T.; Anita S. Frank, CPA
Act now to save dollars on both 2001 and 2002 taxes.

ASC Management - How to Build Your Staff Schedule
By:  Myriam Assouline, B.S.C.N., M.H.A.
Follow these instructions for handling common issues and minimizing overtime.

Coding and Reimbursement - Optical Coherence Biometry
By:  Suzanne L. Corcoran, C.O.E.
An expert explains what you need to know to ensure proper reimbursement when using this new technology.

Risk Manager - When Records Are Subpoenaed
By:  Jeffrey D. Weinstock, Esq.
You must respond to a legal request, but that doesn't mean violating the rules of physician/patient confidentiality.

Eye On Managed Care - Protect Yourself on HIPAA Issues
By:  Gil Weber, MBA
Some third-party payers might overreact as they amend their provider agreements.

Street Sense - Free Ride for Biotech is Over
By:  Jerry Helzner, Senior Editor
Investors have been very patient with biotech stocks. Now they want to see results on the bottom line.

Contact Lens Business - Dry Eye and Contact Lenses
By:  Christopher Kent, Senior Associate Editor
Three experts offer suggestions for dealing with contact lens patients who develop this challenging problem.

Dispensing Frontiers - Offering Fair Compensation
By:  Leona Meditz
How much should you be paying your optician?

Stat Tracker
The Latest Data on Physician Starting Salaries