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March 2015


Keratoprosthesis can be a viable option
By Peter Zloty, MD, Thomas John, MD, and Yichieh Shiuey, MD
KPRo gives those with graft rejections a sighting chance.

Keratoplasty via femto laser: a game-changer
By Karen Blum, Contributing Author
New use delivers quicker visual rehabilitation, low levels of astigmatism and superior wound integrity.

Consider topical corticosteroids for bacterial keratitis
By Jeffrey Golen, MD, Tom Lietman, MD, Stephen McLeod, MD
Studies show this treatment method is not as controversial as once thought.

Expanding uses for AS-OCT
By James S. Lewis, MD
A diagnostic powerhouse for the front of the eye.

Clues to DTS may lurk on meds list
By Laura Periman, MD
Systemic drugs from many classes may provoke severity.

Cross-linking on the verge
By Robert Murphy
An update on the treatment that could help prevent corneal transplants.

If it looks like new and acts like new ...
By Michelle Dalton, ELS
Is it factory fresh? Here’s a primer on buying used.

Physician, know thyself before hiring
By Shareef Mahdavi
Are you service oriented? Entrepreneurial? The answer will determine who, why and when you decide to hire.

Cornea specialists head to San Diego
By Jerry Helzner, Contributing Editor
Yearly ASCRS, once-every-five World Congress to meet.


Larry E. Patterson, MD
Photographic Malpractice

Coding & Reimbursement
By Suzanne L. Corcoran
Most used, misused and abused

Quick Hits
By René Luthe, Senior Editor

Best Practices
By Andrew Maller, MBA, COE
Do you have the right number of employees?

As I See It
By Paul S. Koch, MD, Editor Emeritus
Lessons in the art of communication

By Steven M. Silverstein, MD, FACS
Health care reform impacts billing

By Corrie Pelc, Contributing Author
All about precision

By Rebecca Hanlon, Contributing Editor
Eye cleanser makes hygiene comfortable

By Cynthia Matossian, MD
We spell “success” f-r-o-n-t d-e-s-k