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October 2015


When it’s the doctor who misbehaves
By Derek Preece, MBA
Is the physician untrained? Unable to follow procedure? Or just stubborn? Diagnose, then act.

When comanaging is no longer “co”
By Karen Auge, Contributing Editor
The ophthalmologist needs to make all final cataract surgery decisions, including IOL selection.

Your greatest assets could be liabilities
By Steven R. Robinson, FASOA, COE
It’s true, experts say. A staff employee could have secret designs on what’s yours.

Good drugs need better delivery plan
By Vanessa Caceres, Contributing Editor
Developers want to find methods of releasing drugs into the eye that are safer, more effective, longer-lasting.

The modern marketing plan
By Kay Coulson
Ensure that your practice keeps up in the digital age.

Responsive design: What is it, and why should I care?
By Michael Dobkowski
It’s a web design that lets users find and learn about you more easily on any device or screen resolution.

SEO vs SEM: Which will serve you better?
By Shareef Mahdavi
Because patients are increasingly on the web to find medical care, you should know the right answer.

Sticks and stones will still break your bones ….
By Ryan Miller
Words will hurt, too — if you can’t handle negative online reviews.

This early adopter learned the curve
By Johnny L. Gayton, MD, Riley Sanders, BS, & ReBecca Seabolt, RN, COT
A Georgia practice mastered femto-assisted cataract surgery by adopting its own evidence-based protocol.

AAO members to be honored
By Robert Stoneback, Associate Editor
Award winners range from industry contributors to humanitarians.

Dry eye pharma sales are ≈ $1.6 billion
By Vanessa Caceres, Contributing Editor
If adding value to your practice is necessary, going retail with dry eye products is a logical move.


Larry E. Patterson, MD
Risky business

Ophthalmology Management


Coding & Reimbursement
By Suzanne L. Corcoran
Alternative ophthalmic drug-delivery systems

Quick Hits
By Robert Stoneback, Associate Editor

Best Practices
By Allan Walker
At a fork in your road? Take a SWOT.

By Steven M. Silverstein MD, FACS
Physician, protect thyself

By Peter J. Polack, MD, FACS
How secure is your office network?

By Zack Tertel, Senior Editor
A two-in-one powerhouse

By Cynthia Matossian, MD
What’s earned here, stays here