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April 2015


11 LASIK Myths
By Vanessa Caceres
Patients believe the darndest things. Here’s how refractive surgeons defeat the wrong information.

A future with clear vision?
By Martin L. Fox, MD
Presbytes, there’s hope; inlays are almost in reach for US patients.

Staying retro: Cataract surgery with toric IOLs
By Vanessa Caceres
This surgeon prefers to implant premium lenses without intraoperative aberrometry.

Set appropriate expectations with premium IOLs
By Kurt D. Weir, MD
Promote these lenses for cataract patients, but beware overselling their capabilities.

Learning the art of self-pay
By Whitney Hauser, OD
LASIK, dry eye products, premium IOLs, unlike bread and milk these items do not sell themselves.

Strathspey Crown’s mission is to make MDs independent
By René Luthe, Senior Associate Editor
Chairman Robert Grant says company helps them achieve self-pay success.

Revive your LASIK practice
By Robert Murphy
Refractive surgeons share their tips for bringing it back from the brink after the recession.

Deciphering MU Stage 2
By Jeff Grant and Darla Shewmaker
Your frequently asked questions answered and explained.

What you don’t know will hurt you
By Robert Calandra
Benchmarking your data is just smart business.

Create a practice compliance protocol
By Nancy M. Enos, FACMPE, CPMA, CPC-I
Follow these steps to ensure your practice is protected.

Small-eye cataract surgery: a how-to
By Uday Devgan, MD
Do it right, and these patients will be forever grateful. But know that all eyes aren’t created equal.

Making your case with managed care
By Gil Weber, MBA
Sure, haggle with insurance companies, but be prepared and have perspective.


Larry E. Patterson, MD
Stop dreaming: self-pay can be realistic income

Quick Hits
By Ashley Schreyer, Associate Editor

Coding & Reimbursement
By Suzanne L. Corcoran
Supporting your EO claim

Best Practices
By Elizabeth Holloway, COE, CPSS, PHR
Is your practice up to the change challenge?

By Cynthia Matossian, MD
It takes a practice

By Peter J. Polack, MD, FACS
The trouble with email

By Corrie Pelc, Contributing Editor
Control IOP without incisions

By Scott LaBorwit, MD
Seeing is believing

By Kay Coulson
Get specific