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February 2015


A bucket full of adherence advice
By Christine Bahls, Executive Editor
Glaucoma patients hate their drops; these experts offer guidance on how to keep them adherent to treatment.

The art and science of glaucoma management
By Nathan M Radcliffe, MD
Continuing research changes our understanding of glaucoma, right down to IOP’s reliability in treatment.

Glaucoma isn’t to blame for high IOP
By Doreen Fazio, MD
Too much energy, too many pulses from a Nd:YAG laser, used to remove floaters, are to blame.

Glaucoma patients have cause to cheer
By Karen Blum, Contributing Editor
As do surgeons: New treatment options are less invasive and less risky.

How MIGS fits into the glaucoma treatment paradigm
By Brian A. Francis, MD, MS
Four pathways exist to lower IOP surgically, including Schlemm’s canal and aqueous humor production.

Incorporating toric lenses into your practice
By Elizabeth Yeu, MD
With careful evaluation and management, these IOLs are sure patient pleasers.

Glaucoma coding: 2015 brings changes
By Suzanne L. Corcoran, COE
Brace yourselves for reductions.

Increasing mobile data security
By Darla Shewmaker
In an era of data sharing across smartphones and tablets, you must secure patients’ protected health information.

Inefficiency lurks in areas unseen and overlooked
By Zack Tertel, Senior Editor
Leave no stone unturned when looking for places to improve your practice.

EMRs can earn their keep
By Vanessa Caceres, Contributing Editor
But efficiency won’t happen unless you do your part.


Larry E. Patterson, MD
You aren’t the boss of me!

Quick Hits
By René Luthe, Senior Editor

By Suzanne Corcoran
Illuminating truths to autofluorescence testing

Best Practices
By Bruce Maller
Compensation planning in the new world order

By Thomas John, MD
Diagnosing and treating CCh

By Peter J. Polack, MD, FACS
Protecting your institutional knowledge

By Cynthia Matossian, MD
A kudo for one benefits many

By Scott LaBorwit, MD
Keep the laser running