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July 2014


Four key advances in the battle against retinal disease
By Jerry Helzner, Senior Contributing Editor
Gene therapy, combination drugs, and sustained-release platforms move closer to the clinic.

Who should perform intravitreal injections?
By Karen Blum
General ophthalmologists are doing more, but co-management with a retinal physician seems the best approach.

How to manage post-cataract retinal detachment
By Kevin Suk, MD
A comprehensive primer on risks and prevention.

A close look at ocriplasmin for VMI disease
By Nora W. Muakkassa MD and Michelle C. Liang MD
The use of this recombinant protease requires an appreciation for the history of VMI.

How OCT helps monitor glaucoma progression
By Theodore Lyu, MD, and Sung Chul Park, MD
Improved evaluation of the key structures increases the sensitivity and specificity of detection.

When the tech with the dragon tattoo just won’t do
By Stuart Michaelson, Contributing Editor
Patients are hard to come by. Don’t let staff’s appearance and demeanor scare them away.

Putting your plan to work and then refining it
By Peter Wasserman, MD, MBA
Part 3 of 3: To account for the unforeseen, the 4 C’s make strategic planning an adaptable, flexible process.

Does your EHR need a tweak or a trashing?
By Robert N. Mitchell
How to tell if your system is already in need of a major goose.

How we grew our practice with a smartphone app
By Jessica Jones
One practice’s efforts to assist current patients has helped attract new ones.


Larry E. Patterson, MD
Physician, heal thyself!

As I See It
By Paul S. Koch, MD, Editor Emeritus
What the regulatory mindset taketh away …

By Suzanne Corcoran
Reimbursement for OCT screening

Best Practices
By Andrew Maller, MBA
Early clues: Top techniques for efficient resume review

By Joe Dysart, Contributing Editor
How to salve the sting of bad online reviews

By Steven M. Silverstein MD, FACS
Is your marketing building relationships?

By Bill Kekevian, Senior Associate Editor
A surgical option for dry eye induced by conjunctivochalasis

By Cynthia Matossian, MD, FACS
How clinical trials can help differentiate your practice