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September 2015


The continued relevance of VFT
By Karen Blum, Contributing Editor
With other imaging technology options, what role does visual field testing play?

If it’s not a cold, is it ocular allergy?
By Eric Rosenberg, DO, Marguerite McDonald, MD and Eric Donnenfeld, MD
Ophthalmologists see many people with misery written in red across their globes. But is it allergy?

‘Tis the season to be red-eyed
By Mark B. Abelson, MD
It’s prime allergy season: Here’s a primer on what to advise patients with an itch to ditch.

Talk about a smart ophthalmoscope
By Tomasz P. Stryjewski, MD, MPP and Shizuo Mukai, MD
Your cellphone and a 20-diopter lens can probably play a significant role in providing value to your practice.

We’ve come a-ways since the slit lamp
By Martin L. Fox, MD, FACS
Advances in anterior segment imaging allow access to more information, leading to more precise patient care.

Lid inflammation: ignorance isn’t bliss
By Robert Calandra, Contributing Editor and Christine Bahls
Your patients’ red irritated lids need your attention. Disregarding them will come back to haunt both of you.

Microperimetry’s expanding role
By Samuel N. Markowitz, MD, FRCSC
Advances have made the technology tops for assessing visual function.

Driving home hard truths
By Karen Auge, Contributing Editor
The end-of-driving talk may be the toughest — but most necessary — conversation you have with your patients.

A tall order filled, and then some
By Whitney Hauser, OD
Leaders wanted new staff. But new wasn’t the answer to this problem: everyone needed to relearn sandlot rules.

When techs need your attention
By Martha C. Tello, BA, COMT & Stephanie D. McMillan, MHA, COA
Poorly trained staff can affect the bottom line.

Caring for Nepal
By Robert Calandra, Contributing Editor
One doctor’s journey to help a nation shaken to its core.

ICD-10 and your EMR: Ready or not
By Darla Shewmaker
A peek at a few of the transition tools vendors provide.


Larry E. Patterson, MD
A brilliant idea, dulled by myopia

Coding & Reimbursement
By Suzanne L. Corcoran
The once-in-awhile UBM test is uncommon no longer

Quick Hits
By René Luthe, Senior Editor

Best Practices
By Andrew Maller, MBA, COE
A roadmap for creating, perfecting dashboard reports

As I See It
By Paul S. Koch, MD, Editor Emeritus
Yogi was right; it’s like deja ...

By Zack Tertel, Senior Editor
A “smart” option for autorefractions

By Rebecca Hanlon, Contributing Editor
Ocular itching? Pazeo works 24 hrs./1 drop

By Cynthia Matossian, MD
An essential hire, a crucial orientation